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Happy White Day Release!! [On Doorstep COMPLETE]

Hello everybody. I hope everything’s going alright in your lives.

Today I come with one of the most expected releases, at least for us the group: On Doorstep, the complete volume (plus a few extras).

I must say, this wouldn’t have been possible at all if it weren’t for 3 amazing people, Eme, who did all the edition and decensoring by herself, Kokiden who also translated the whole volume and Anastasia, she proofed everything aswell. Let’s not forget Unagi-san who also helped out with the credit page design. Please, leave a nice thanks message to them, they worked a lot for you, lovely readers~ 🙂

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¡Actualización Post San Valentín!!! [Heartless c02 & Akegata ni Yamu Ame]

Saludos a todos nuestros lectores, hoy venimos con la esperada actualización post-valentín. Sí, ya estamos en marzo, estamos más cerca del Día Blanco que otra cosa, pero bueno, lo que tenemos lo sacamos cuando podemos y este es el caso.

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Post-Valentine Release!! [Barbarities, BMS, Heartless, In August, Inga no Sakana]

Happy Post-Valentine everybody! Yeah, not in time for the real thing, but better late than never as some would say…

I’m not much of a follower of the festivity actually, but we like to make releases on these special dates, so we oblige. We hope you had a nice Valentine though. The only group related message I’ll leave is that we’re not going to reply any longer messages asking us about projects’ date releases, or why we’re taking so long with some particular titles, etc. So far I’ve been replying to those, but not anymore, after all it’s on our rules/FAQs that we do not allow that type of questions, so please stop leaving those messages, either in our website or in our tumblr, and if you can’t help yourself and you still leave a message, then expect no answer from our part we release whenever is possible to us, we don’t have strict schedules 🙂

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