First off, it’s definitely not what you’re thinking of.  H, for us, means HELP. This is where you can find all of the information regarding what we’re in need of for this site. Just look below to see if you fit one of the positions we need!

Seraphic Deviltry is looking for:

  • Translators: Japanese/English translators are preferred. Most of our works are in Japanese, but any other language is welcomed too. OPEN
  • Proofreaders: People who are native English speakers and are willing to both correct and modify our translations with grace and clarity. CURRENTLY CLOSED
  • Dusters: Experience is not required but much appreciated. Must be a meticulous cleaner to spot all kind of dust, artifacts in our works (specially for magazine chapters). OPEN
  • Re-Drawers:  For re-drawers, experience is required in Photoshop. If you own a tablet, even better! (It is not necessary, though.) OPEN
  • Editors: People in charge of resizing, cropping, leveling and making various lettering adjustments. Experience is preferred, but is not required. CURRENTLY CLOSED
  • Raw Providers: This is an optional position. If there are particular works you want to see released by our group, you are more than welcome to provide raws for us. We also have a Future Project List, in case you wish to collaborate with something already planned for translation. OPEN

*Please don’t consider to apply if you cannot meet these basic rules:

  1. You need to deliver works in a decent ammount of time.
  2. You can’t go MIA without any previous notification.
  3. You need to be sure to meet our quality standards.
  4. You must understand that SDS is a group of friends, so you should communicate with us on a regular basis and be prepared to stablish some sort of bond with the team members.