If you are interested in re-translating  our projects read this information first:

  • Use your own scans/raws.
    We do not share our cleaned psd, which does not mean you can clean our scans unless you offer some help in exchange.
    We don’t by any means, provide raws to other re-translator groups.
  • Do not remove our credit page.
    You need to add it to your release. If we see a release without proper credit, you will no longer be allowed to use our translation.
  • There is no exclusivity per language.
    We have no problem giving permission to more than one group per language.
  • Spanish versions will be exclusively released by us.
    In you’re interested, Spanish groups are welcomed as joint partners.
  • Do not ask for permission to re-translate future projects.
    We won’t give any permission to re-translate series yet to be released.

List of Re-translators


Russian: AmnePokhYaoduvanChik

Thai: ตัวร้ายกับหนุ่ม-สาววายนักจิ้น

Adamu Romatan

Italian: Yoona Gong

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi

Vietnamese: Còn mòe group | Ocean Loves


Portuguese: MDY – Lar das Comics

Vietnamese: Tofu Team

By My Side

*Translation Only

French: Yaoi Boys

Italian: Der.Himmel

Portuguese: Sweet Scans BL | MDY – Lar das Comics

Russian: Himawari

Vietnamese: Tofu Team | Sunflowers Team

*Translation only

Portuguese: BL Comics

Vietnamese: Tofu Team | [C]apricorns Translations |

Dai Ichi Souko Nite

Italian: Der.Himmel

Vietnamese: Phượng Thiên Các

Dansho no Koi

Italian: Der.Himmel

Portuguese: MDY – Lar das Comics

Vietnamese: Phượng Thiên Các

Drugless Sex

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi

Ever After

Portuguese: MDY – Lar das Comics

Russian: Lapin Peluche

Thai: Yaoi uptome

Grand Guignol

French: Yaoi Boys

Hare no Hi

French: Yaoi Boys

Russian: Illusion Team

Vietnamese: Dua Leo Group | Đậu Hủ Group

Hateshinai Ao

Vietnamese: Dua Leo Group 


Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi

Russian: AmnePohYaoduvanChyk

Vietnamese: Dương Lâm | DiamondKing

Hisayuki no Ai

Vietnamese: Panda Hoi

I Hate

Italian: Der.Himmel

Portuguese: Sweet Scans BL | MDY – Lar das Comics

Vietnamese: Dazai Hell | Sunflowers Team

Ichigo Pon to Sakeda

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi

Vietnamese: Dong Cu Dem

Kimagure to Amagami

Italian: Evaproduction

Vietnamese: Panda Hoi | Hắc ám chi các

Koi ni Ochite Gomennasai

Vietnamese: Lolita Group | The Innocent Team

Koko wa Yasashi Niwa

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi


French: Black Butterfly

Italian: der ¤ Himmel

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi | Sweet Scans BL

Russian: Himawari

Vietnamese: heureuxetcalme | Camellia Group | SinistersLibrary | Sunflower Team

Neon Sign Amber

French: Eden Scanlations

Italian: Fruit Cake Scanlations

Portuguese: BL Scanlations | Sweet Scans BL

Vietnamese: Tofu Team |  [C]apricorns Translation Group

*Special Note: From chapter 04 and on, it’s strictly forbidden to use our scans. Raws’ provider prohibits the use of the material.


French: Sakura | Yaoi Boys

Italian: der ¤ Himmel

Vietmamese: Color Uniconrs | Cap Cap translation group


Russian: Helendoll

Relay Essay

Vietnamese: DoubleA Team


Italian: Ukiyo Scanlations

Portuguese: Meu Doce Yaoi

Vietnamese: Tofu Team | FHTH Group | SuShi Group


Vietnamese: Chilli Sauce

Stanley Hawk no Jikenbo

Italian: Mangacosmo

Youkoso New World

Vietnamese: Dong Cu Dem




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