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Associated Names: None.
Author: Natsume Kazuki | 夏目カズキ
Genre: Yaoi
Lenght: 1 volume + After Story (complete)
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Cab Magazine | Tokyo Mangasha.
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2015.
Joint: U-zai

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Summary: Tora is looking for a job, so he decides to apply for this particular place…What he didn’t know is that this place is a Male’s Brothel. Here he meets Shiro, the most requested male prostitute. At the beginning Tora feels reluctant to work in this environment, but the vulnerability aura that surrounds Shiro makes him stay, plus he needs the money. Everything’s goes well at first, they stablish this sort of friendship, but shortly after that, feelings, desire and painful secrets complicates their already fragile relationship…


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After Story 


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    • Hi there! So happy to hear that you like the first chapter! It is, and the story just keeps getting better, also thank you for your praises. You’ll see the next chapter soon 😉

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    • Hello Kotaro!
      Please send this same msg to our gmail account, so we can archive your request and give yout the permission 🙂

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  60. Thanks again so much for working on this last chapter and congrats on the completion of a project! I’m looking forward to the extras from the tank you will be working on because there needs to be more!! lol. I hope we get more lovey dovey moments from them in the future if only in simple omakes. That just ended too quickly 🙁 Until the next time, thank you so much!

    • Hahaha we’ve all put our hopes on the tanko, we just can’t get satisfie with that, although it was super sweet an it had a nice ending, we def need some steamy scene going on there XD
      Thanks for your comment!!

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  63. Primero que todo, muchas gracias chicas por la traducción, amé el manga <3!! Esta es una de mis autoras favoritas :). Segundo una consulta, van a traducir los extras del tomo y el capitulo 0?? Pliiisss espero q lo hagan xfi

    • ¡Hola! Qué bueno que te gusten las actuas y lo que hacemos. Sí, Natsume es ya una gran favorita y mimada de SDS. Por supuesto, estamos trabajando en todo el tankoubon y sus respectivos extras (tenemos unos cuantos por allí) así que por favor, espera pacientemente, ¡gracias! ^^

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    Please translate last two chepters of this volume M.O.D.S. and After Story. Thank you in advance.

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