Associated Names: ライアテア
Author: Okadaya TETUZOH | 岡田屋鉄蔵
Genre: Yaoi
Lenght: 1 volume (complete)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Hakusensha
English Publisher: None
Year: 2011

Summary: Suddenly stricken with lupus, a photographer loses sight in one eye. Faced with an uncertain prognosis, he feels an urgent need to revisit the South Pacific island that inspired his career. Can he convince the man he encountered there years ago, now a medical researcher in Southern California, to accompany him on his journey? (From mangaupdates)


31 comentarios en «Raiatea [Eng]»

  1. I’m so grateful for your hard working translating this great mangaka’s work. I just need to see their lineart to made my day better. Thank you for bringing their story to us!

    1. No, this is not abandoned. We don’t drop things unless it’s clearly stated, which is not the case. We’re currently working with the rest of the chapters, you might see an update in the near future.

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