Associated Names: None.
Author: Natsume Kazuki | 夏目カズキ
Genre: Yaoi
Lenght: 2 chapters (ongoing)
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Cheri+
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2016.
Joint: U-zai
Note: Do no re-translate this piece into Spanish. All other languages, are free to do so.

Summary: A love between men that starts from seeing a friend doing H by himself

Magazine Version:

Tankoubon Version:

77 comentarios en «By My Side [ENG]»

  1. Thanks so much to everyone who helped bring us more of her works! She’s come to be one of my new favorite BL manga-kas with Tanaka Ogeretsu and I really appreciate you guys being so dedicated 😀 Keep up the great work, and thank you again for everyone’s contribution.

    1. Aww thanks for your comment! We just love Natsume-sensei, she became one of our top favorite too, you can notice by now haha
      Enjoy the reading!

  2. Thanks for the release! After I read that one release from «I Hate,» I really fell in love with her work. So, again, thanks so much for bringing more of her work to light! Wish I could help but I have no experience =( Wishing y’all luck!

    1. Oh yeah, I had a similar experience aswell, I’ve been following sensei since she was on pixiv just posting random OP fanarts, then I Hate came out and now…now she’s just one of our favorite managakas. We’re so happy to work her titles. It’s fine, just these nice comments make a great to job motivating us! ^^

  3. Thank you so much!!! i’ve seen the raws of it and I am so happy to read it in english!
    Thank you for your hard work and looking forward for the next chapter! 🙂

    1. By My Side will be released as a tankoubon on September. We will work on it as soon as we can get our hands on it. Right now we’ve translated every chapter available.

    1. We know it’s out already. We have the material and all. Please, just wait, we have several projects on the line too. Thanks for your interest.

      1. Oh sure I was just asking because I’ve been waiting for sooo long( I know its no one’s fault, I’m not trying to blame anyone, I really appreciate your efforts on translating mangas) Im just so excited, I can’t wait for the new chapter!!

        Also fun fact, when I went to japan(before chapters 6 was released), I saw announcements(about chapter 6) and I got really excited, I think I even took a picture of it. I wish I went later tho so I could have bought the manga and support the author but whatever.

  4. When will the tankoban be released? Am definitely keen to purchase it, really want to know the ending, waiting for the final chapter. But somehow its been on hold for a really long time? Any dates at least?

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