Relay Essay – Natsume Kazuki [ihr HertZ Mag]

Ok, this is a short entry for a quick update. We have Relay Essay, a super short but excellent interview to one of our favorite sensei. It was released in last HertZ magazine, here she talks mainly about her character designs. Some of her comments are just priceless, we had a good laugh translating and working this.  We really agree with her in just everything XD

We’ll add this later to our projects list, but for now we leave the download link here. Many thanks to u-zai, LisforeverLove and anon for all their help.

Briefly reminder: we need EDITORS and JAPANESE TRANSLATORS. We have lots of new projects to share with you. Please send us a msg at

Relay Essay – Natsume Kazuki EXTRA

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  1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy reading these shorts and commentaries by manga-kas I’ve come to like. It’s always interesting getting some insight to their thought process. I’m looking forward to Mods, thanks for everyone’s hard work!

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