Somaru [Oneshot]

[SDS] Somaru

Associated Names: Colored | 染まる
Author: Kishi Torajirou | 岸虎次郎
Genre: BL
Lenght: Oneshot
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Pink Gold 7 (Libre Shuppan)
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2016

Summary: A classmate praising how beautiful one’s nipples are, and rolling up their uniform….?


Somaru (Oneshot) k_new_aka (v2) Note: Pages 05-06 were missing, now they’ve been added. 

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  2. Thanks for the new release

  3. Thank you very much for todays wonderful release and your hard work on it, I’m looking forward to read!!

  4. Thank you very much for the new release!!~)

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  6. I need this on spanish pleeeaaase.

  7. Amazing…. thanks so much!

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