Boku to ch01 [New Year’s release pt.1]

Happy belated Christmas and New Year!

Sorry for the long wait, but January’s been hella crazy for us, we have so many things to update that it was getting difficult to organize everything. We have Enzou, Zariya, Haruta, Okadaya Tetuzoh and more waiting there to be updated in the next weeks! And a couple of secret titles that are reserved to be a surprise.

Thank you for such a wonderful year, 2016 has been a roller-coaster for us. A lot of good moments (some others a bit difficult), great people we had the pleasure to meet, wonderful projects and the promise to keep doing this as much as we can! Thank you our beloved readers for all the support, we hope you enjoy the things we’re preparing for you ♥

I think this is the perfect chance to start the year with some new Kishi Torajirou’s stuff, Boku to is a sweet story that promise to be quite a gag. Thanks to Anon for raws, U-zai for the cleaning and translation, Alma Debronzze for her especial edits, Neira for proofing and Hassliebe for the credit page.


Boku to – Chapter 01

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