Associated Names: オン ドアステップ
Author: CTK | Chongtak | シーティーケー | 총탁
Genre: Yaoi.
Lenght: 1 volume.
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: B-Boy P! (Libre Shuppan)
English Publisher: None
Year: 2016

Summary: Pickpocket Jimmy is captured by the middle-aged Reese at the scene of the crime.

In revenge, Jimmy breaks into Reese’s home when he is out, but he finds out that Reese is an ex-cop who furthermore is suffering from PTSD.

Curious about this adult man with his complicated past, the closer he gets to him, the more rapidly his feelings change to love…

In addition to the passion-filled extras for the title story, there is a one-shot of a prideful performing arts agent x a washed-up middle-aged actor, “Lucky Bill.” This is a volume full of the real lives of adult men.



Tankoubon Version

📚 Full Volume + Tokutens  k_new_aka

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  1. Thank you for scanlating this. I love the beautiful art and the handsome masculine main characters. Now I’m a fan of the mangaka and in love with Reese😝

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