Associated Names: None
Author: Suzuri RYO | Sumiyoshi RYO
Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Demonic Entities, Mental Disorders
Lenght: 1 volume (ongoing)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Canna
English Publisher: None
Year: 2017


Nonhumans, demons, degenerate inclinations, cannibalism
here is the furthest from BL—
Because of his perverted fetishes, we find Makoto, a so called deviant who has always been struggling alone. One day, he finds the “Book of Demon Summoning” and conjures hesitantly a spell, summoning, that way, a demon. Thereupon, a majestic beautiful creature makes an appearance, the one with a silky tongue, the Prince of the Underworld, “J”. In exchange for Makoto’s life, J can make Makoto’s wishes come true and be reborn as a demon, but—!?

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