Drugless Sex v02 [Important! – Poll]

So, it came to our notice that Drugless Sex v02 is being released by another individual and we are wondering if we should continue the series. We also know Drugless Sex might get licensed by Renta in English (not our favorite publisher but that’s how it is). With another person and a potential license in the picture (Renta mentioned they might have some news by the end of this year) we want to know if makes sense to continue this series. WE ARE GOING TO RELEASE the whole volume 01, we have it all translated, cleaned and we’re currently working on typesetting and decensoring, but we don’t feel excited enough to work with volume 02 considering the situation (we really wanted to do it a month or so ago but things change…). Sure, it is way smuttier than the previous volume, the story is less complicated lol and we love Enzou. Furthermore, we hate dropping things. So we are making this poll just to know what readers think on this matter: should we do it (full SDS’s style: nice quality, fully decensored and with a well-treated translation) or should we just drop it? The poll will be closed on November. Also, keep in mind that the decission is up to SDS group members, if they decide not to do it, then we won’t do it, regardless of the results of the poll, this is just to have an idea on readers feelings towards this matter.

*Attention: to Spanish readers, we are going to release v02 in Spanish without any problem, this poll is for English readers only*

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  1. Hi there. I didn’t take the vote + did not know about v02 plans of another scanlator. Is there some alt. manga site/online watering hole that the general public visit these days … feel like I’ve fallen out of the loop… But in any event, you have already answered your own question, don’t you think?

    (>>but we don’t feel excited enough to work with volume 02 considering the situation…)

    I’m guessing the vote results will come back in favour of continuation because that is the option most favorable to readers – they(we) probably feel there is a higher chance of the project getting completed if it stays with SDS rather than being taken over by someone else who also may or may not see it through to the end. But so what? If the spark has gone out a bit because the team is bummed out about a potential overlap, then no matter how overwhelming public opinion is on continuation or potential criticism on how SDS now gives up on titles, it will just feel like a drag working on future chapters. Don’t de-prioritize your own needs.

  2. sorry, i voted for no cause i still think renta wont release it as best as scanlators to begin with. i wont mind waiting cause i love the quality of works you’ve done from all the releases, but of course if it seems to give your team too much pressure, i think it’s ok to drop the v02 and hope that renta will work on it in a good quality despite all the light sabers we’ll see. after all, what’s important here is that you feel comfortable to work on it.
    i fully support your final decision despite from the looks of it, the voting seems to favor for you to continue working on v02.
    ganbaree!!! faito!!! 🙂

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