New Release! [My Little Inferno – No.1]

We’re back in the rodeo with Asada Nemui! Not being able to see the end of Skin left a bitter after taste so we were eager to find a new project of hers to fill the gap, what a wonderful surprise Inferno has been… Correction, what a delightful surprise Ma-kun and Hitoshi have been :^} Sorry I can’t deny how much I adore size-gap in my manga…
We worked extremely hard to release this, please drop a thanks to Aya, Hassliebe, Parolles and Unagi. 

We’re still looking for JPN TRANSLATORS, CLEANERS AND TYPESETTERS. We are finishing some of our old projects and we’re starting new ones, we need a bit of extra help to continue with the newer titles. So consider to join if you like what we do!~


🔥My Little Inferno – Volume 1 No.1

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  1. I’m really hooked on this series and can’t wait to see what happens next! Btw would it be ok to ask what happened to Skin? Was it stopped after those four chapters?

    1. Hi, thanks a lot for reading! Unfortunately, Skin was dropped by the publisher, since there wasn’t any more releases on Canna after chapter 4. We don’t know if it was a decission of the author’s or the magazine’s.

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