Express Release [Neon Sign Amber]

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Well, here’s our second release in just a few days. This was something we were working on for some time. We’re really happy to announce this project, and we’re also really grateful of having the chance to work with great people who made this possible. We’d like to thank  Kimber, U-zai for your hard work, Foe for always being there when there’s trouble, Kokiden for the helping hand and Hass, for being the voice of reason.

We hope you all enjoy this, and support us with your messages and opinions.

Whithout any further ado, here’s the release:

Neon Sign Amber


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Neon Sign Amber [Eng]

Associated Names: ネオンサイン・アンバー
Author: OGERETSU Tanaka | おげれつたなか
Genre: Yaoi
Lenght: 4 Chapters (ongoing)
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Shinshokan.
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2015.

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Joint: U-zai

Summary: An expressionless club doorman meets a flashy boy at one of the many parties the place gathers. As someone who’s always been considered quite boring or an emotionless person, Saya-chan with his clumsy personality will make this man a more vivid one.


Tankoubon Version

Magazine Version