Tableau No.20


Título(s) Alternativo(s): Sakuhin Number 20 | Painting Number 20 | Tableau Numero Vingt
Mangaka: Esuto Emu (Est Em)
Género: BL
Consta de: 1 Tomo.
Serie(s) Relacionada(s): ULTRAS (adaptación original)
Editorial de Origen: Libre Shuppan.
Editorial Hispana: Ninguna.
Año Publicación: 2009.

Reseña: Diferentes historias con dos componentes en común, París y el arte. En una perfecta mixtura de trazos, pinceladas y una gran cuota de drama, vemos a nuestros diversos protagonistas pasar por los mismos estados de una obra en producción, hasta llegar a ser en su clímax, esa gran obra de arte que somos las personas. Cerrando Tableau volvemos a encontrarnos con los entrañables Leon y Al visitando Francia en su camino a la Champions League.


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Orokamono wa Aka wo Kirau


Título Alternativo: Rojo, el Odio de los Necios
Mangaka: Esuto Emu (Est Em)
Género: BL
Consta de: 1 Tomo.
Serie(s) Relacionada(s): ULTRAS (historia principal)
Editorial de Origen: Ohzora Shuppan | Shogakukan | Ikki Comix
Editorial Hispana: Ninguna.
Año Publicación: 2008.

Detalle del Proyecto: SDS hará la nueva edición revisada de este título, correspondiente a la publicación de Ikki Comix, dicha versión contiene escenas extras y nuevos diálogos que no están incluidos en la versión inglesa de Deux ni en las japonesas de Ohzora y Shogakukan.

Reseña: Nuevamente una serie de historias cortas que rodean temas como la muerte, los celos, amores incomprendidos y gustos peculiares. Como es usual en Est Em, todo rodeado de un pastiche cultural que hace de sus trabajos todo un deleite sensorial…

  • Active Projects

    Adana wo Kure

    No matter how much I want to monopolize you, my wish will never be fulfilled… Famous illustrator Amou and the super-popular model José live together. Amou loves the beautiful José, and even though José sleeps with other men, and has nights when he doesn’t come home, Amou accepts it meekly, as if he were José’s servant. “I’d rather love than be loved.” That’s the kind of man Amou is. However, knowing that José’s true love is only for himself, Amou’s true motivation is… An artist who doesn’t wish to be love and a supermodel who wants to have a love relationship of equals. An exceedingly pure love story.

    The Revolutionary Alpha

    It’s the heyday of the alpha. Alphas have all of the riches and all of the power, which they indulge in without regard for anyone else.They look down on the obsequious omegas and betas… making waves in this inequitable society is landowner Maurice, with his shiny blond hair and skin like porcelain. He’s the beautiful, smart, noble-minded son of the prestigious house of Seychelle. He’s close with his personal attendant, Simon, but since he’s the family heir, his fate of marrying an omega and having his own heirs is inescapable. Gender, status, and fate all set themselves against love.


    Once upon a time in a distant country… Viscount Adam is designated as bodyguard, a countermeasure to a threatening letter addressed to the country’s Judicial Lord, a man of great and invaluable importance. However, the Viscount is also an incredibly handsome man, able to make both men and women fall for his charm. But now this lady-killer has fallen in love with the straight-laced Judicial Lord’s nephew Joel?! In between the thrilling development of these two, love appears between the soon-to-be-King of another country and his companion. Romance lurks just around the corner…

    By My Side

    A guy accidentally witnesses his friend masturbating. This shouldn't really affect their relationship any, right? After all, men see such things all the time; it's just an amusing incident, to be laughed over once the embarrassment has worn off. Or maybe...

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