My Little Inferno

Associated Names: None.
Author: Asada Nemui | 朝田ねむい
Genre: Yaoi
Lenght: 2 volumes (Complete)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: OnBlue (Shodensha)
English Publisher: None
Year: 2018

Summary: He’s huge and super-scary, so when he told me to give him a place to stay, I let him stay with me, and he stole $12,000 from me, (though he gave me back $30,000). The first day I met him… he attacked me and made me cry, and since I thought he was going to kill me, I felt like I wanted to die. But Ma-kun made me grilled salmon for breakfast, and he listened when I talked, and he got rid of the guys I hated… On top of having such a mysterious nature, Ma-kun is being followed by his partner (and ex-boyfriend) from his hacker days, Nakamoto…? (SDS)



Associated Names: None
Author: Nishin Masumi | ニシンマスミ
Genre: Yaoi, Mystery, Demons, Violence.
Lenght: 1 volume
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Opera
English Publisher: None
Year: 2016
Note: Do no re-translate this piece into Spanish. All other languages, are free to do so.

Summary: Satanic Beauty and the Beast…


Magazine Version

Tankoubon Version