Update! [My Little Inferno – No.4]

Good Sunday everyone~ Here’s another installment of My Little Inferno for you to enjoy. So finally Ma-kun infamous «ex» makes his entrance in the story. 

Many thanks to Grumpykit, Lapin Peluche and Parolles for their help on this one! 

We’re still looking for JPN TRANSLATORS, CLEANERS AND TYPESETTERS. Consider to join if you like what we do!~

Happy reading~

🔥 My Little Inferno – Volume 1 No.4

His Little Amber [New Project*]


Happy Friday beautiful people! So today we got our hands on His Little Amber first installment, the new title from Natsume Kazuki sensei. We announced it time ago but we wanted to make it super official that this is now an active project, so you’ll see the button on the active projects list. Why’s this instead of future? Because we ARE WORKING ON IT as of now, cleaning, typesetting and translation has been assigned and the staff is already on it. 

We’re extremely happy to see this story out, mainly because it seems like a surprising turn in sensei’s line-up of works. I’m still baffled that this actually belongs to the MODSverse, seeing the plot devices this story is using, it’s a bit surprising 🙂
We’re working full-throttle on this , so we hope to see first chapter out pretty soon~

Remember we’re recruiting CLEANERS and TYPESETTERS, if projects like this one are up your alley, don’t hesitate to contact us, freelancers are most welcomed, but experienced please~