Express Release [Neon Sign Amber]

Hello everyone!!

Well, here’s our second release in just a few days. This was something we were working on for some time. We’re really happy to announce this project, and we’re also really grateful of having the chance to work with great people who made this possible. We’d like to thank  Kimber, U-zai for your hard work, Foe for always being there when there’s trouble, Kokiden for the helping hand and Hass, for being the voice of reason.

We hope you all enjoy this, and support us with your messages and opinions.

Whithout any further ado, here’s the release:

Neon Sign Amber


Have a nice day.

First Release & Happy Halloween


Most probably, you don’t recognize us, so here’s a short introduction: We’re a humble and quite tiny Spanish scanlation group. We’ve been scanlating manga for a few years, but just recently we decided to try our luck with something new, since there were so many project out there from authors we liked that were not being translated yet. So here we are, releasing our first projects in English, which we hope you’ll enjoy.

We absolutely love Halloween, so there was not a better date for these new projects:

Grand Guignol (Oneshot) by Motoni Modoru

If you’ve read Tanbishugi or Grang Guignol, you can’t miss this. Or you might just love sensei, which we do.

Ever After by Est Em

A wonderful collection of one shots, based on fairytales with a really nice twist. I’d like to thank Kokiden for her amazing job translating this series, without her, this relase wouldn’t be possible.

Finally, please read our rules before downloading. They’re quite simple to follow. Also, no hotlinking our images, we have limited bandwidth.

Have a nice reading!