New Release! [Shinonome Tantei Ibun Roku – Ch.01 & 02]

Hello everyone! Happy Samhain and Feliz Día de Los Muertos to you. It’s been a while since we last posted ‘here’ (discord has been a bit more busy) and we couldn’t forget about this special holiday we just had, so to commemorate it we bring you a whole new project by an author we adore, Shinonome Tantei Ibun Roku by Taratsumi John

Thank you so much to Grumpykit, Karuna, Nagareboshi, Parolles, Quietus and Thanatosel for being all such hard workers! 

We have more updates on the way. Stay tuned~

🕵 Shinonome Tantei Ibun Roku – Chapters 01 & 02

Shinonome Tantei Ibun Roku

Associated Names: The Annals of the Strange Tales of the Daybreak Detective
Author: Taratsumi John | たらちみジョン
Genre: Yaoi
Lenght: 1 volume (complete)
Related Series: Oneshot previously released.
Original Publisher: OPERA (Akaneshinsha)
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2016


The stage is the Daybreak Detective Agency, located on a dark alley. Detective Waki, who takes care of everything, from finding missing people to ghost exterminations, is beloved by part-timer Rika. Hoshihiko follows Waki, who he says is attracted by a smell. The door of the Daybreak Detective Agency opens to a client… A mysterious story by Taratsumi John.