New Release! [His Little Amber – Ch.01]

Hello dear readers!! Such a long time! Also, Happy New Year! Here at SDS we hope you had a great beginning of the year… As a small present for these special times, we bring you in joint release His Little Amber! A much awaited project from Seraphic Deviltry and also from Hero Scans, our partners in crime  😈

Many thanks to all the people involved, who were many… Adamay, Grumpykit, Quietus, Reijii, Parolles and of course, Varrick from Hero. 

Please, enjoy this new release!

🐆 His Little Amber – Chapter 01

Update! [My Little Inferno – No.3]

Happy Thursday! We bring you a new installement from our problematic duo, Maa-kun and Hitoshi-kun. This time our dour boy takes the big dog for a stroll around his Uni… ♥

Many thanks to Grumpykit, Lapin Peluche and Parolles for their help on this one! 

We’re still looking for JPN TRANSLATORS, CLEANERS AND TYPESETTERS. Consider to join if you like what we do!~


🔥 My Little Inferno – Volume 1 No.3