H Corner

First off, it’s definitely not what you’re thinking of.  H, for us, means HELP. Here you’ll find all the information regarding  the open positions in the group:

  • Translators: Japanese/English translators are preferred. Most of our works are in Japanese, but any other language is welcomed too. OPEN
  • Proofreaders: People who are native English speakers and are willing to both correct and modify our translations with grace and clarity. CURRENTLY CLOSED
  • Dusters: Experience is not required but much appreciated. Must be a meticulous cleaner to spot all kinds of dust or artifacts (specially for magazine chapters). OPEN
  • Re-Drawers:  Experience required in Photoshop. Owning a tablet is always a plus.  OPEN
  • Editors: People in charge of resizing, cropping, leveling and everything related to typesettying. Experience required. OPEN
  • Raw Providers: If there are particular works you want to see released by our group, you are more than welcome to provide raws for us. We also have a Future Project’s List, in case you wish to collaborate with any of them. OPEN

*Please refrain from applying if you cannot meet these basic requirements:

  1. Chapters are due on schedule (flexible).
  2. Any absence should be notified.
  3. You’ll have to meet our quality standards.
  4. SDS is a group of friends, so you should communicate on a regular basis and be prepared to establish some sort of bond with us.

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