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    Ichi One

    A son who loves his father. A younger brother who loves his elder brother. A game of pretend between brothers. Something is off, in this forbidden relationship.

    Anata wa Iyarashii Hito

    Munakata has a secret, and that is that right after caching a suspect and closing a case, he feels the unstoppable urge to release sexual frustration, as a way to alleviate his repressed desire, he sets up online videos where he shows how he gives himself pleasure, in one of those moments, Tooru, Munakata’s loyal kouhai hears some strange noises, thinking that his beloved senpai might be in need of help, he bursts in right in the middle of an online trasmission, from there on, everything gets complicated but Tooru is sure of one thing, his tortured senpai needs his help and support an maybe something else?


    Once upon a time in a distant country… Viscount Adam is designated as bodyguard, a countermeasure to a threatening letter addressed to the country’s Judicial Lord, a man of great and invaluable importance. However, the Viscount is also an incredibly handsome man, able to make both men and women fall for his charm. But now this lady-killer has fallen in love with the straight-laced Judicial Lord’s nephew Joel?! In between the thrilling development of these two, love appears between the soon-to-be-King of another country and his companion. Romance lurks just around the corner…

    By My Side

    A guy accidentally witnesses his friend masturbating. This shouldn't really affect their relationship any, right? After all, men see such things all the time; it's just an amusing incident, to be laughed over once the embarrassment has worn off. Or maybe...

    Koko wa Yasashii Niwa

    «Mamoru» is a guy who hates to work hard in vain since childhood because he couldn’t get his mother’s love no matter how hard he tried.
    One day, a strange guy appears and identifies himself himself as his «brother». Because that man was wounded, Kaoru let him stay for the time being, but what will this event develop itself into?


    Nonhumans, demons, degenerate inclinations, cannibalism.
    Here is the furthest from BL—
    Because of his perverted fetishes, we find Makoto, a so called deviant who has always been struggling alone. One day, he finds the “Book of Demon Summoning” and conjures hesitantly a spell, summoning, that way, a demon. Thereupon, a majestic beautiful creature makes an appearance, the one with a silky tongue, the Prince of the Underworld, “J”. In exchange for Makoto’s life, J can make Makoto’s wishes come true and be reborn as a demon, but—!?

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Si deseas ayudar uniéndote al staff y participando en alguno de los proyectos, estamos buscando:

Editores: Gente encargada de cortar, alinear, nivelar, quitar efectos de sonido, reconstruir imágenes y fondos de los scans, así como de colocar el texto ya traducido en las imágenes. Experiencia necesaria.  POSICIÓN ABIERTA

Traductores: Personas con buen manejo del inglés. Experiencia no necesaria. POSICIÓN CERRADA

Correctores & Control de Calidad: Buen manejo del español, así como atención especial a detalles de imagen. Nivel medio de inglés y uso de editor de imágenes opcional, pero no indispensable. POSICIÓN ABIERTA

Proveedores de Scans: Gente dispuesta a comprar y escanear mangas o revistas japonesas de la lista de proyectos futuros del grupo.  POSICIÓN ABIERTA

IMPORTANTE: Para aplicar a cualquiera de las posiciones es necesario tener sentido de responsabilidad y disponibilidad de tiempo, buscamos gente que pueda ser miembro regular del equipo.

Interesados favor de enviar un correo a: sd.scanns@gmail.com

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