Express Release [BMS ch2.5]

Hello everybody!! Sorry this is a small release, I wanted to treat myself, the staff and my friends with this short chapter. Sensei was sick at the time she released this, that’s why there wasn’t any real chapter 03, that one comes out now by the end of November, so wait for it 🙂

Thank you so much U-zai, Foe-chan, LisforeverLove, Anon and Shiorka for their great raws.


BMS – Chapter 2.5

Express Release [By My Side ch02]

So here you have BMS ch02! This is more of a flashback chapter, showing how Uyama’s crush on Sakyou started. I can’t help it but I honestly think he’s really sweet. Next chapter comes out in a few weeks, we’re really looking forward to it.

Extra thanks to U-zai, Mary, Foe and Anon for being part of this release. Also a call out to an editor who’s experienced that might be interested in cleaning/editing Enzou’s Dragless Sex? Contact us at our mail please if you would like to help 🙂


By My Side – Chapter 02