Special Release [Ever & Stanley]

Hello everybody!! Did you miss us? We haven’t died, not yet…

Sorry for our long absence, it wasn’t our intention to be silent for such a long time after our last release, but we were preparing something special, that was due to be out back in April, nonetheless life is tough and we had to wait.  We’re also a really small group, so that doesn’t help much either. Our anniversary was in April, so yeah this release is supposed to be a special, though we have another important reason to think of it as special, we have new member who was brave enough to join our tiny boat in this vast ocean… please welcome Halalima! She’s our new English proofreader and she’s amazing, we hope she enjoys the ride.

And, for those who want to join but aren’t sure yet, please contact us, we don’t bite. With just one more translator, editor/cleaner (or redrawer, typesetter) we could be able to release faster and keep a normal pace for our releases. Please consider it! We’d love to have more members in our little family.

As for the release itself, we’ve managed to bring you the ending of Ever After. It’s been a lovely trip since we started this with our great friend Kokiden It’s certainly our very first project in English so we’re both sad and happy to let it go. And the other one is Stanley Hawk no Jikenbo, a title from one of our most favorite mangakas who’s certainly not the cup of tea of many, but we really wish for you to enjoy this twisted thriller ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Many thanks to Lucy, Hassliebe, Foe, Yura Kau, Hoshi and Johanna.

Ever After – Chapter 05 & 06

Stanley Hawk no Jikenbo – Chapter 01


22 comentarios en «Special Release [Ever & Stanley]»

  1. Eh, who cares? Popular titles are boring. Sure, the Rika series was terrible, but Motoni Modoru titles are generally a beacon in the sea of mediocre cliches that is the yaoi genre . Thanks so much for picking it up, and for completing Ever After!

    A belated Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary and thank you for the new project! I really enjoyed her Dog Style, so I hope this one is good. Everyone’s doing the hottest thing right now, so it’s refreshing to see an oldie. Thanks so much for everyone’s hard work!

    1. Thank you and wou’re welcome! Yes, Dog Style is such a happy-go-lucky story (lol it does have some dark issues in it tho), I think is probably the only title from her with that style, the rest of her works are kinda dark or plain weird haha but we can’t help loving her. I agree with what you’ve said, iI think that’s one of the main reasons why we’ve decided to be more true to ourselves and work some other interesting stuff instead of the ‘hottest’ ones out there… Anyway, thanks a lot for reading!

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