Barbarities Update! [Vol.01 – Ch09+Extra]

So, here we are with Barbarities vol 01 ending. It’s been a long ride indeed, we hope to make vol02 a bit shorter though! At last we have the chance to see some fluff and steam between Gilles and Louis. They look really good together~
The second volume has been started, stay tuned!

A big big thanks to Ed for her neat typesetting, Kokiden, she translated these two pieces and did a great job! Mystel and her friend BellaLuna for doing a remarkable proofing. Thank you Alma aswell for helping with the ad.

PSA: We’re in an urgent need of JAP Translator(s), if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to pm us at 


👑 Barbarities – Chapter 09 & Extra [END of Volume 01]

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