Happy Samhain! [Daiichi Souko Nite – Ch02 & Extra + Covers]

Greetings everyone~ We hope you had a lovely All Hallow’s Eve. Here is Seraphic we take very seriously this special date in our calendar and that’s why we always prepare a release to commemorate the festivity.

This time we bring you the remaining chapters of this complex and bittersweet compendium of short stories, Daiichi Souko Nite by a mangaka we treasure, Toube.

Many thanks to everyone involved: Aya, Hassliebe, LisForeverLove, Parolles, Saki and U-zai. You’re wonderful girls!!

I want to use this moment to tell you that we’re in a serious need of a cleaner and typesetter. And by serious, we mean, if we do not recruit at least two people in the next weeks, we might just enter a semi-permanent hiatus. So please consider to join us if you like what we do. We really need some help here~ Thank you so much in advance!!

Without any further ado. Enjoy this release.

💔 Daiichi Souko Nite – Chapter 02 & Extra

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