Lupercalia Special Release [One Ichi (END) | Tsunayoshi’s Cat]

Hi everybody! Happy Lupercalia to everyone. Although a bit late, we had some RL issues and things were postponed, but here it is our Special Release for the occasion!

A big, big thank you to all SDS members that worked in these projects. Please drop a thanks aswell, since without them, this wouldn’t be possible at all.

As the title says, One Ichi has come to an end, we’re releasing the second half that was pending. Tsunayoshi no Neko is a oneshot that we worked a long time ago with U-zai, we’re glad that we’re able to release it today~ 

Please, consider to join if you like what we do, we’re in dire need of CLEANERS and TYPESETTERS.

Without any further ado…

🎎 One Ichi – Chapter 07-Extra
😺 Tsunayoshi no Neko – Oneshot

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