New Release! [Adana wo Kure – Ch.01]

So today we welcome a new title into SDS chambers. Adana wo Kure by Arai Niboshiko. For those who enjoyed Inga no Sakana and were wondering if we’d do more from this amazing mangaka, well here’s the answer. I love Arai Niboshiko, and I hope to release more of her titles in the future 💕

Many thanks to Aya, Grumpykit and Parolles. The awesome team behind this lovely yet a bit angsty story. 

Remember, we’re recruiting! We are very tight on staff, just a few of us is actually active, and rn we only have one Japanese translator, we won’t be able to go on for much longer with just one TL. Please, consider to join our crew if you have a good grasp of the language, freelancers are welcomed too!


🎨 Adana wo Kure – Chapter 01

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