Express Release [Neon Sign Amber]

Hello everyone!!

Well, here’s our second release in just a few days. This was something we were working on for some time. We’re really happy to announce this project, and we’re also really grateful of having the chance to work with great people who made this possible. We’d like to thank  Kimber, U-zai for your hard work, Foe for always being there when there’s trouble, Kokiden for the helping hand and Hass, for being the voice of reason.

We hope you all enjoy this, and support us with your messages and opinions.

Whithout any further ado, here’s the release:

Neon Sign Amber


Have a nice day.

6 comentarios en «Express Release [Neon Sign Amber]»

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for scanlating neon sign amber! Im inlove with the story so far and the art is eyegasm. As expected from the queen, ogeretsu tanaka. Thank you for being an instrument to discover, understand appreciate stories like this. A big Powerhug for your great team. Ill be your one of your stalkerss from now on haha. If its okay with you may i inquire when will be the release of the rest of thechapters? And do you have plans to translate other stories of ogeretsu? her stories are always the bestThank youuuu seraphic deviltry scanlation team!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your warm message ^^
      Yesss!! This particular story by Ogeretsu is really well crafted in terms of setting and plot, both characters are so different but they complement with each other so damn well…
      Stalking isn’t bad haha, although we hope not dissapoint you if we can’t stay as active as we would, but don’t worry we’ll be working with it nonstop, we have big obligations (aka exams) from this point to first week of December, but after that we’ll release chapter 02 for sure, it might go out sooner than expected but I can’t promise anyhting >.< We have some plans for other Ogeretsu's works, but I can't confirm anything yet, so stay tuned!!

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