Here we are once more!

Today the second chapter of Skin by Asada Nemui!! Yeah it’s been so long since we released the first one. I hope you enjoy it *wink*
Next chapter is on its way. Sensei is not making anything easy here, we really dunno what to think anymore about this complicated couple (is it a couple or is it not?). The thing is about to get nastier and nastier, I’ll leave that open for interpreation.

Many thanks to u-zai, foe, Mary, Anonynous and LisforeverLove for all the help!

Anyway two requests for you readers and followers, we need a Reijin Magazine raw provider and a Canna Magazine one, for Reijin it has to be from 2015 till now (no need to have all the issues from that period of time). As for Canna Magazine, just the latest issue is enough! Please contact us at

SKIN – Chapter 02

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