Express Release [Raiatea ch02]

New chapter from Raiatea! After so long we bring you another chapter of this beautiful story. Sorry for the wait, this title is pretty much finished with translation, but having so little editors doesn’t help with the fast pace we would like to have while releasing stuff…

Anyway, we get to know a lil bit more about Mani and his past here, all what he had to go through because of his roots, his origins… It makes us wanna comfort him >.<

Thanks a lot to our dear friend Kokiden, Johanna, Foe and LisforeverLove for all the help in this chapter.

We are still RECRUITING guys! Please a kind soul that wants to help with edition will be much appreciated, if you’re experienced then a lot better, translators from Jap to Eng are also welcomed!

Enjoy your reading!

Raiatea – Chapter 02

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