«Wow, nice nipples! let me take a closer look ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)» –by u-zai

Well guys that’s pretty much it about this release lol. Yeap, I hope you enjoy it.

Ok no, let’s talk a bit about this. We’re very fond of Kishi Torajirou, the moment we heard he was doing sth strictly BL in a…well… BL magazine, we just ran to see what it was. This is quite a simply story, he tends to be a bit deeper but since this is a oneshot, we take it as he just wanted to relax and do something short and straightforward. We’ll be doing more from him in the future, BL and Non-BL, so look forward to it if he’s your cup of tea!

Many thanks to U-zai as always, Johanna for her help at the last minute, Halalima and you Anon.

Somaru – Oneshot

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