Toube’s Double Release [Dai Ichi Souko Nite & Danshou no Koi]

Hello to you all. Well we might have taken long to fulfill our old promise of working more Toube stuff…but after some months here you have it, and doubled. We have some theories regarding Dai Ichi Souko Nite ending, please write your thoughts and theories aswell since the room for intepretation is quite vast here. Regarding Danshou no Koi, well it’s a pretty sweet story, we can’t say much more tbh.

Thank you so much to the people involved: U-zai, Saki, Aiseimei and LisforeverLove.


tumblr_mc4f6iqqil1qdlkyg Dai Ichi Souko Nite – Oneshot

tumblr_mc4f6iqqil1qdlkyg Danshou no Koi – Oneshot 

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  1. talk about being open to interpretation. more open, impossible lol.
    its not even clear if there were 3 counting with the mc or not. i mean, there were 3 people entering the storehouse, but nothing stops one to just be waiting inside.
    tbh, i think the black hair was just a red herring. he wouldnt have put his mask off inside. not to mention the one wearing gloves was the most gentle one, doing it slowly (?) and he appeared the following day after mc found the black hair. there are plenty of ppl at school w black hair im sure…. though the black haired one acts kinda weird, he seems to be careful about the mc…
    washing out perfume isnt that hard either….
    when the class comitee member said hes kind… that was also rly suggestive. either «you are kind because you care about misunderstandings and hurt feelings» or «you are kind because you know its me who have done this to you yet you are still so good to me»
    the entire story is full of mixed messages lmao

    not to mention the possibility they arent even from the mcs class. it was kinda small minded of him to think the masked person had to be from his class. or at least not all of them.

    i would say the «culprits» are the class comitee member and the light haired womanizer, since they have some sort of reputation to live to, thus more likely and willing to hide their identities… and they could easily just wear gloves to trick the mc into thinking it was the black haired friend. also, on that day, the mc was held tight by that rope, how would he scratch the black haired guy that badly?
    BUT, the comitee member seemed to hate the light haired one… why would they cooperate? that seemed like a legit, spontaneous reaction to me… unless it was all RLY well planned… or maybe they all just agree on this because they wanted to have sex with the mc and they somehow gave birth to this idea.

    i still think its quite possible the 3 of the suspects are all masked, because in the page before the last one, theres 3 panels showing what happened in each of 3 nights. very suggestive of 1 for each guy. they behaved differently, too. the 1st acted kinky, but the 2nd night was more aggressive and outright ordered him without an ounce of stepping back? and the 3rd was the most different one, he stepped back on what he had firstly said too.

    but in the end, i think the biggest intention of the author was to think all of them were responsible for this. after making us all crazy in doubt, of course.

  2. Thank you so much!
    There is some grace in Toube’s art that is appealing to me.

    Before I read it completely (Dai Ichi Souko Nite), mmm… Maybe it isn’t just one…

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