Haruta’s Double Release [Kimagure to Amagami ch01-02]

Well, well here we are with another double release! Were you expecting this? No? Neither we. This is not only a double release but a first release of a new project: Kimagure to Amagami. I have to say that it has always interested me to see a main character that goes through a particular condition, it doesn’t have to be mental disorder per se, although in this case the story touches that a bit, but characters that have some special aspect of themselves that conditions their relationship towards the rest, specially with their counterpart is always interesting and Kimagure does this and it’s great. We hope you enjoy it.

You’ll notice as soon as you read that this is the digital release of the book, digital releases most of the times are very clean and neat and we love that but unfortunately some treats like the complete covers or the inner ones which most of the times comes with short stories or drawings aren’t included in the ebook version, if anyone owns this book in paperback and wants to share with us the covers, please do! We’ll be happy to include them in our next Kimagure’s releases 🙂

Many thanks to all the people involved, Ananda, Yuki Crosszeria, Unagi-san (please welcome Unagi since this is her first job as typesetter here in Seraphic^^) Neira and Anon.

See ya!

tumblr_mcg5mgbr2l1qid2nw Kimagure to Amagami – Chapter 01 & 02

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