Express Batch Release [Stanley Hawk ch05-06-07 & omake!]

We try to keep our promises, we told you more releases were coming so here you have, a second Stanley Hawk’s Batch release with the last remaining chapters! We’re so so happy to conclude one of our most beloved projects, we’re fans of Motoni Modoru-sensei so it’s really nice to see this happening, a bit sad tho to let go something dear to us.  Please try to read the last chapter with a grain of salt lol because not even us were capable to keep track to what was really happening >-<
This would have never seen the light so fast if it weren’t for one of our most kind and lovely collaborators, Kumi-kun. She cleaned and typesetted almost all the volume herself. She’s amazing. Many thanks to our fellow Ananda, for her wonderful translations, big part of this wouldn’t be shown if it wasn’t for her either and LisforeverLove for her proofing, always there for us when we need it.

Look forward to the weekend, we might have more for you!


Stanley Hawk no Jikenbo – Ch 05, 06, 07 & omake

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  1. Thanks so much for the release, and congratulations on the completion of such a dear project ^_^ I won’t pretend to even understand the omake, but she has a history of writing nonsensical content from time to time. The climax felt kind of rushed, but I guess it’s hard to give the story full justice since it seems to be based on a light novel. Dog Style still remains my favorite work by her, but I always enjoy reading her stuff. Keep up the great work guys, thanks again to everyone involved.

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