New Release [Youkoso New World ch01 & New Site!]

Sorry guys, we couldn’t make it to the weekend, our personal lives took us over so we had to postpone the release, but here it is! A new release! Which means the first chapter of a new project. I discovered Komotomi Yuuma in the Danshi series anthologies and I fell in love with her art style. She’s also quite particular when it comes to plots, I guess that was another thing that caught my attention. When we started working with her anthologies oneshots, time after she released a tankoubon compilling the titles we were already translating, so that’s why you’ll see two versions of this chapter. Version 1 in the magazine version and Version 2 is the tankoubon one. The anthology version has a couple of pages more at the end, whereas the tankou has some panels redrawn and such.

We also have really big news regarding Seraphic Deviltry, remember we once mentioned we were having something going on about the website? Well we are really proud to announce that we are diversifying! Yeap we have a new sister/brother site called Limerent Void, exclusively dedicated to our seinen and josei projects, and what’s more we just made a release as a manner of welcoming the readers. The name is definitely different, but the group behind it it’s just the same as Seraphic. We’re sooo excited about this, we hope some of you can join us in this adventure and have as much fun as we’re having! Please visit us and of course, as usual, we’re recruiting for Limerent too, experienced-only editors (cleaners, typesetters, dusters, redrawers) and translators (jap<eng and eng<spa).

Many thanks to Saki for antho’s raws, Kokiden for translating (she did the whole book and even translated some chapters twice, she’s awesome), LisforeverLove for the proofing and Unagi-san for her help in the typesetting.


 Youkoso New World – Chapter 01

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