Hello to you all dear readers! I took a short break but I’m ready to make an appearance for this special release we have for you. It’s as you read, Barbarities by the great Suzuki Tsuta. If you’ve been reading our posts you surely know that we had this in our list for maaany months, and we also had several problems to work with it. A joint that got away with Momocha (I hope you’re ok friend), editors that couldn’t finish this and then disappeared. We had the translation done since when, February? (Omg almost a year, we’re not kidding). It was done by the lovely Tsumikaze, but it was almost impossible for us to get the rest done in an acceptable amount of time (we really can’t explain you all the crazy things that happened with it). We wanted to release this now because fortunately enough a new editor made an apparition on the scene and between us, we couldn’t have asked for someone better than Dr. Unicorn to edit this (please welcome Dr. as one of our new editors!!), Dr. made an incredible job in the cleaning and typesetting it. We’re so very fond of Barbarities that we can’t wait to release chapter 02 now that we have a stable staff working with it. Tsumi we’ll keep bringing us beautiful translations and Dr. is already working with the rest. We know that there’s another version out. As you may know we don’t drop our projects…ever. No if we can avoid it. So guess you readers will be lucky to have two versions to read 🙂

I can say that Barbarities is currently one of my favorite works from sensei, regarding art style, designs, visual display and why not, plot (I’m always in the mood for period stories, currently watching Wolf Hall doesn’t help either lol). We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

Thank you a thousand times to Tsumikaze for her neat job in translation, Dr. Unicorn for wonderful edition and typesetting, you Jo for nice raw material, Neira for the fast proofing, and our readers who support the releases with lovely comments ♥

 Barbarities – Chapter 01

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