In August Ch.01 [New Release!!]

So, my birthday was some days ago and I wanted to release something new as a way to celebrate with the group~ In August was the project chosen for the occasion.
I’m quite happy about it, specially because the moment I laid my eyes on this story, was love at first sight, and it was such a lovely surprise to see that the story didn’t fall behind from the art style, which I have to say, I found very refreshing. Hata-sensei is a hidden gem. I hope to see more of their works soon.

Thank you so much to everyone involved: hitsukitoki, kokiden, Vân, Unagi-san, and Kat-Tea and Eme (she fixed the cover and it looks amazing!) Thank you girls, without you this new series wouldn’t have seen the light of day ♥


🍃 In August – Chapter 01

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  1. Happy belated Birthday!
    And thank you very much for the new release!

  2. Thanks a lot and belated happy birthday!

  3. Thanks for the release looks really interesting so far^^. And happy belated bday~

  4. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!

    Thank you for the hard work! 🙂

  6. Happy birthday, though late. Thanks for the new chapter and the new project!!!

  7. thank you and happy belated bday!

  8. thank you so much!

  9. Hi, thank you, it’s a new mangaka for me !!

  10. Happy birthday ^^ I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    And thank you very much for this release <3

  11. Thank you so much for all the hard work.

  12. Thanks a lot for the new project!

  13. Thank you very much for all your work to share, I’m happy to read!!

  14. Thank you very much!

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  16. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for your hard work! Somehow I also fell in love with this story 😀

  17. Thank you!
    ~Belated Happy Birthday!~

  18. Thank you for this new series, and happy belated birthday!

  19. Thank you very much for this new project!! ^^

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