I HATE Batch Release!! [+ Extras]

(A chorus on the background, heavenly notes filling the room, cherubs flying everywhere)~
At last you must be saying, freaking finally! I Hate complete release!!

-So, how are you feeling SDS staff?
-We can’t express it with words…we guess? The only thing we can say is probably… Yes, ‘freaking finally’ aswell.

First work of sensei, and first work we see off from her, here in SDS…Coincidence? We don’t know, but we like it that way 🙂

A thousand times ‘thank you’ to everyone involved: Himawari Pro, Daisenkou, U-zai, Unagi-san, Foe-chan, LisforeverLove, Neira and Aiseimei.

Enjoy the read~

💚 I Hate – Chapter 03, 04, 05 + Extras

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