We told you we had more Barbarities on the way, so here we bring you Chapter 03~
Gosh, here you will find one of my favorite Adam’s scenes. What’s up with these beautiful long-haired blonds that make our hearts skip a beat here in Seraphic?! We already have Marlene and he’s not helping with the situation. I’m not even into blonds *Unagi-san is probably nodding there in some corner of the room*

Anyway, we’ll try to release Barbarities more assiduously, more characters will be making their appearances so look forward to our updates~

Thanks a bunch to Dr. Unicorn, Eme, Johanna, Kokiden, MystelTaquito-sama and Unagi-san for all their help!!

P.S: We’re in dire need of an experienced redrawer aka decensorer, that’s quite versed with digital tablets and software for explicit scenes redrawing, specially for our Drugless Sex project by Enzou. Thanks!

Barbarities – Chapter 03

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