Barbarities Update! [Batch Ch11-14]

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we updated our other dorky couple… *patiently waiting for BMS to come back in September* Anyway! This time is Adam’s and Joel’s turn. I have to say, Adam fidgeting over silly little things and losing his confidence is my current sexuality, how cuter can he get throughout this series, really?! 

I want to dedicate this batch release to Karyte, who typesetted so many chapters at the speed of light and beared with all my requests. Of course, a big big thank you to Mystel and her friend Banana-sensei who translated these pieces with so much care and setting awaress, I won’t stop mentioning how on point they are and how enjoyable it is to read Barbarities lines with a style that matches the environment so damn well! ♥
Thank you Kokiden for always being there proofing and checking the small details!~

We’re a few releases away to finish this up. Enjoy.

👑 Barbarities – Chapters 11-14

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