11th Anniversary [Special Release]

Hello dear readers, 

This is a special day for us in Seraphic Deviltry because we’re celebrating our 11th anniversary. It’s been an incredible experience and we’re really happy and proud about it. Over the years people have come and go but we’ve always considered our members as part of a pervy and awesome family. These girls work very hard for you, spending many hours reading, translating, proofreading, editing and checking each chapter with dedication and love. So please take a minute to thank them for all their effort, because without them this little group would not exist. 

Our staff is wonderful and I really appreciate everything they do. Girls you rock and it’s a honor to work with every single one of you. I’d also like to thank other groups and freelancers who work with us in order to bring you new stories. ❤❤❤

Our style is peculiar and we prefer interesting and unique stories, no matter if they’re popular or not. Hopefully, we’ll keep bringing you the series we love for many years to come. 

I’d like to thank our readers too. Most of you have always been considerate, understanding and encouraging. Remember your nice comments are like cookies for us, so don’t forget to feed us. Otherwise we won’t have enough energy to work on our awesome projects.

Also, we’re also looking for people interested in helping us either as regular members or freelancers. Don’t be shy, we don’t bite… much.

Now without further ado, here’s our list of series updated:

🐺 Special treat over. Thanks for your understanding.

Daiichi Souko Nite – Chapter 05: A story about a beautiful priest and a problematic teen. Toube is one of our favorite artists, we really like her different style. Be sure to check this out. 

💊 Drugless – Extra:  This is a project we really liked. Enzou is a really talented artist and this book was a true delight. Unfortunately, after careful consideration we decided we won’t translate volume 2 because we prefer to work on other series unrealeased on English.

🐠 Inga no Sakana – Chapter 05 + Extra: The story of these complicated cousins comes to an end. Will they destroy each other? Will they go their separate ways or are they having their happy ending? Read to find out. This manga was a nice surprise and it grew on me. Give it a chance and you’ll enjoy it.  

🌙 Nights Before Night – Chapters 05 & 06: Finally we bring you two new chapters of our precious and beloved Haru. Sensei is one of our favorite authors and as usual, she brings us a beutiful and heartbreaking story. 

Reminder: we’re only releasing in our on-line reader and mangadex as a complaint about groups using our scans without permission (specially Spanish groups). 

22 comentarios en «11th Anniversary [Special Release]»

  1. happy 11th anniversary! 11 years is a really long time.. you guys are so amazing! thank you so much for all the hard work and i hope everyone’ll have a nice day!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! i really really really appreciate all the hard work that you’ve been doing during all these years ♥♥♥♥ you guys are awesome
    thanks to you i got to know Natsume sensei, got to read one of my most favorite manga Neon Sign Amber and got to know a lot of new mangaka like Kashima Kotaru
    thank you very much SS ♥♥

  3. Thank you so much for all your hard work and these peculiar and twisted manga 🙂 I enjoyed Inga no Sakana a lot!! Congratulations on your 11th anniversary!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! 11 years that is quite a feat and I hope to continue to see you all grow. Thank you so much for all the years of hard work and for all the wonderful releases!

  5. AMAZING! thank you so much for all the awesome gifts and work over the last 11 years! You’ve introduced so many new artists to us, thank you all!

  6. Such a number of chapters……….Thank you very for all your work and happy anniversary, 11 years of scanlation……it’s hard on your team lol
    i’m glad you work on Natsume Kazuki’s books, i really love her art and stories. Of course you have other good ones in your list !!
    i wonder if i was «here» 11 years ago, so long…. hard to believe it !! we’re becoming old
    i hope you continue like in your first days of your team !! thanks a lot

  7. Eleven years… wow! I’m so in awe, I don’t know what else to say other than congratulations!!! As well as thank you, so very very very very very very very very very very VERY much, for over a decade’s worth of beautiful stories. 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇💞💞💖💞💞

  8. Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for this bounty of releases! 11 Years is something to be proud of for sure, too. That’s so amazing! I have love all 11 years of your work for sure. Here’s to many more wonderful years together! Cheers! *hugs*

    BTW, what is the name of the oneshot for Daiichi Souko Nite ch5–if there is one? Thanks again!

  9. HAPPY 11TH ANNIVERSARY!! thank you so much for all the hard works, the time and dedication put in to give us a high quality scanlations!! Hope there’ll be many more years to come.

    too bad vol. 2 of drugless wont have your touch, but i look forward to other series that you are working on, as it’s alllll goooodd!! XD

    ganbareee!!! ^^

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