At last. Nights Before Night last chapters release. First of all, I would like to thank Kokiden and Quietus for doing an amazing job pulling this whole project. Also a big thank you to YaoiBoys for their contribution. 

I’m just going to mention that, these last two chapters were extremely intense for us involved in the scanlation process. Haru & Yuki weren’t my favorite couple in the beginning, I was a Shigure fan, but Yuki grew on me, and what can I say, he is an interesting fella. Haru will always be one of my Natsume’s darlings, this story was so indulging that I couldn’t be more delighted with how everything turned out. May Haru be forever happy.

We have a bunch of tokutens, special illustrations, booklets that we’re currently looking over. We plan to release them later on at some point, however this will be the final release of the project for the time being. 

I also want to take this chance to speak about something we usually try to not give more attention than it deserves. We know some of our projects keep being done by other groups. We noticed recently that one of our future series, has been released by another team. We do not condemn those who pick the same titles as us, since we strongly support that everyone is free to work on things they enjoy, but we would like to invite those groups to check before if any other teams are already working on those series, mainly to avoid them the trouble of dedicating energy to something that may not be released by them first. I stress ‘may’ because in our case, we usually do not drop series (active or future ones). Once we announce a project we don’t step back, out of respect for the people already working on it. There’s a big spreadsheet with almost all the BL groups out there that specifies what’s being done by who which’s been kindly designed by fans and admins so these issues don’t happen. I humbly invite new groups to check the spreadsheet so you can get acquainted with the teams. Maybe you’ll happen to be interested in the same series so you might request joints and release a great title with the help of other people who share common interests.

So, to summarize everything: no, we’re not going to drop any of our announced titles. We believe we can do a good job on them and we don’t like to waste any of our members’ time, so we’ll keep working as usual. Apologies for the lenghthy message, but we wanted to bring this up in order to avoid any misunderstandings and to answer some inquiries.


💕 NBN – Chapters 07-08 [END]

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  1. Thank you very much for this book, i really love Shigure too and i was sad to read his end like that !! but his little brother looks like him and it’s nice to see this face ! (ah big bro was so hot too…) well happy they’re good together at least !
    and since i love this mangaka ………i have nothing to say !!

    would be good if all the teams work together !! it would save them time and more projects would be scanlated ! but it’s only a dream….

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