Ladies and gentleman. We are proud to announce the complete bundle release of one of our most depraved titles. Please, be warned, this story portrays serious violent scenes, it’s not suited for everyone. Aside from all the warnings, we are satisfied with this release, we worked very hard to make this happen. Big thank you to U-zai, Ed, Midori Tora and Hassliebe, they all did a remarkable job with scanning, edition and typesetting.

I want to make a short commentary on this, Heartless really brought me back to some of my History approaches on the Inquisition and Witch Hunting, of course the story deals pretty directly with these subjects, but it really made me reflect on the real aspects of  it, what it really happened back in the days, and what it happens even today at some places…

Also, a short announcement and a big favour. We usually don’t ask for donations, since we always try to acquire the material by our own means, this is a hobby, not a job, so we believe we’re responsible for what we do in our free time, but we’re facing some difficulties, some of us come from unstable economies, and it’s getting kinda hard to acquire the quality material we’re used to work with, if you happen to have some extra cents or bucks, consider to donate to our common funds, it all goes to get special treats such as tokuten, special papers or tankoubon versions, we’re also starting to select really rare doujins (which you won’t see in your typical online reader that easily) to work them here, for your enjoyment and the date to update our server is also due, so yes, anything will be extremely appreciated! 

Without any furhter ado enjoy this impious ride~

🦇 Heartless – Complete Volume

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  1. Hi, thank you for this book! ! looks like it’s different than the others !! i’m curious, even though you said it’s a hard one…i’ll read it !
    i just donate a little !! i hope it helps a bit !!
    Thanks for all your work

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