More Youkoso for everybody. This time we bring a oneshot, pretty hilarious also a bit weird as most of the stories included in this title.

Big thank you to Eme who did an incredible job cleaning this tough chapter, she also typesetted it, the outcome is great. Thank you Kokiden and LisforeverLove for translation and proofing, respectively.

Please, don’t forget we’re accepting donations! Any amount is greatly appreciated. We just bought tokutens from Kashima Kotaru’s projects, the proxy costed a lil bit more than we usually pay for, so yes, we want to keep getting special treats and goodies. We’re branching out to doujins aswell, we’re taking a look to Rei子 stuff, who’s a very talented (and also quite demanded) artist…

Anyway, enjoy this release~

💥 Youkoso New World – Chapter 06

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