Anniversary Release [03.05.2020]

Happy Anniversary to us!

First of all, we don’t usually give this kind of message but we can’t ignore what’s happening. So please, take care of yourselves, this pandemic has taken it’s toll on everyone. If possible, stay safe at home and if you need to get out, take any measures needed to prevent getting sick. 

This has been a  difficult release because many members have left or are on hiatus. So I want to show my appreciation to every member of our team for their great effort and all the time they spend doing their best to bring you the series we love. You guys are wonderful, a special thanks to Amarelis, who’s the heart and moving force of this group. Thank you very much for being part of our little family. I’ll use this chance to welcome our new cleaner/typesetter: Nisunin. Thank you for your help dear.

To our dear readers: thank you for every nice message and support. Reading your emails and messages makes our day and feeds us with energy. We love you guys!

Without further ado, our gifts:

🚨 Anata wa Iyarashii Hito – Chapters 04-05: So we’re almost done with this one. There’s action and drama ahead, but you’ll enjoy it. Grab it before it’s gone. Also, a small thanks to HoliScans for their assistance on ch4.

💔 By My Side – Chapters 03-04: Many of you have asked about this so here you have. We are working on it, we’re almost done cleaning. Please stop asking abut this project. 
Note: there are important differences so please read these versions before asking for chapter 6. 

🍃 Koko wa Yasashii Niwa – Chapter 05: beware since this chapter is full of angst and be sure to prepare your tissues.

Happy reading and stay tuned for more releases!!

PS1: We’re in need of a japanese translator, cleaners and typesetters, so please consider joining our group for faster and better releases.

PS2: WE ALWAYS RE-TRANSLATE OUR OWN RELEASES TO SPANISH, so please just wait patiently for them. Respect our work, that’s all we ask from you. 

21 comentarios en «Anniversary Release [03.05.2020]»

  1. Happy 12th Anniversary! Thank you for all the hard work.
    Hope you all of you and your loved ones are also staying safe and healthy.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Wow! 12 years! That is something to be very proud of. I have followed this group for a long time and have always loved your work and the projects you select. I thank you very much for 12 beautiful years of scanlations, for your years of hard work, personal sacrifice, and generosity. I am deeply grateful and appreciative. Thank you hardly says enough, but please accept my heartfelt gratitude and my wishes for your team’s continued success and happiness. And for today’s releases, thank you as well. I am so happy that your scanlations are part of my life. When all else in my life is going to hell in a handbag, your projects always bring me joy and pleasure, a ray of sunshine on my chaos. So thank you, SD, for everything! *hugs* (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

    1. First of all, thank you for such heartwarming message. We do feel proud of our work. Your kind words moved us, really. Such nice feelings make everything worth it, as I mentioned. If we make you smile, even for a bit, that’s good enough for us. *hugs back*

  3. Happy Anniversary, this was a great gift for all of us… Thanks for all your wonderful work and keep save in this covid time

  4. I’m sorry, I’m very very late but I wasn’t around…
    Thank you so much for all you do and the goodies you share.

    Happy Annniverssaryyy

    And many many more to celebrate in the near future!!!

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