Express Release [Neon & Skin]

How are you everybody?! We hope you’re doing fine…

Well, technically this is our first release in 2016 and we’re very happy with it. We bring you the much awaited chapter 03 of Neon Sign Amber and the first one of Skin, an Asada Nemui series we announced back in November. To be honest, this release was meant to be out much, much earlier but we couldn’t manage to finish it on time. So yes, that’s a hint for you…  if you are free and willing to be part of our tiny group, please go to our Help Corner and check which postions are needed. Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks to Alicia, Aiseimei, Foe, Hassliebe, Kimber, U-zai and Queien for all your help and hard work!!

Anyway, here are the chapters, enjoy!

☆ Neon Sign Amber – Ch.03

☆ Skin – Ch.01

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