Hello again!!

Today we bring you a new series, one that we’re very fond of, it has become one of our favourite projects, in fact we’re happy to announce that we will be doing more works by Natsume Kazuki, she’s quite the hidden gem in the BL scenery so we want to make her more known because she has great stuff, so stay tuned for more titles from her!

Anyway special thanks to U-zai for not only translating it but also for helping with the typesetting, and thank you Alice for providing us great material, to you Kokiden, Tsuki Crosszeria and also Hassliebe for always checking the details.

MODS – Chapter 01

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  1. Thanks so much for all your hard work and the release! I feel the exact way about her works, too. I read her scanlated one-shot I Hate and was kind of surprised that she’s not more popular. I’m looking forward to whatever work you put out by her, many thanks!

    1. You’re welcome!! Yes it came as a surprise not seeing her more in the scanlation community. Just telling you that I Hate is not a oneshot, it has a whole volume!! Not saying anything else but yes, we’re excited to bring more of her stuff 🙂

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