Happy White Day [New Release!]

Hello everybody!!

Happy White Day to you! We hope you had a great time in this special date 🙂
We have a little surprise for you guys, something we’ve been working for some time now and that I’m immensely happy to announce, yes an Okadaya Tetuzoh title (gosh I love the woman), ladies and gents I have the honour to present…Raiatea!!

I’ve wanted to work with this for ages, and here it is. Please enjoy the first chapter and try not to fall in love with Mani, he has been claimed by half of the staff already lol. Next thing to come will be either Neon (yesss final chap!) or another surprise.

And a little heads up, we’re recruiting. Yes, I know it doesn’t seem so since we don’t tend to post many recruiting flyers between releases and all but please if you want to join us as translator, editor, cleaner, typesetter or even raw provider please, contact us! We’ll be more than happy to guide you and welcome you in our petite team 😀
Check this page for more info!

Many thanks to Johanna, Kokiden, FoeHikary and Hassliebe.

🌴 Raiatea – Chapter 01

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