Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!! Yeap, we couldn’t manage to release something in that special date but we’ve tried, so here’s the second chapter from one of our most recent projects. We’re so damn happy to bring you another installement of Tora and Shiro. We know you’ve been waiting for them /o/
And ofc, more Neon! After a month or so of not seeing them, we were just dying to bring them back.

We’d also like to make an official announcement: we recently created a tumblr account for our group, we’ll be using it to make announcements and post updates; everything else, including donwload links, will be kept on this site. We decided to give tumblr a try, since most of our readers seem to be there, so please check it out and let us now what you think.

Anyway, next thing to come will probably be an Ogeretsu’s oneshot or one of our secret projects… Please stay tuned!

Many thanks to U-zai, as always, belated AnonAlice, AiseimeiKokiden, Foe. We wouldn’t have managed to bring you any of this if it weren’t for them ^^


🌟 Neon Sign Amber – Chapter 04

🌟 MODS – Chapter 02

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    1. Hi! Thanks for your message! Indeed ch.05 is the last one of this story, the tankou comes out in March and we’re expecting some sort of extra in the book version, ofc we will work this extra too when it’s out 🙂

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